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Just as individual threads become exquisite fabric only once they are woven together and then further embellished with patterns and colours, so too does the fabric of life, though made up of people, only truly exist when the relationships between them are created and further coloured by their love, their emotions, their beliefs and their stories.

As humans, we are all connected and what affects us individually, ultimately affects us as a whole. For this reason we must care for every single thread as lovingly as we can.

Thread of Love Around the World’s objective is to ensure that society’s most delicate threads – children without a family to care for them – are tended to, tightly and lovingly woven together and then embellished through care to create a truly strong and rich social fabric.

About the project

Thread of Love Around the World is a project very dear to my heart because, like all projects of the soul, it has been a lifetime in the making. This beautiful project began as a strong call from deep inside my soul to quilt, then an inspiration to make these quilts for children living in homes and orphanages around Japan and Asia.

I have been living in Japan for almost 10 years now. The germ of an idea for this project began to nudge me about 4 years ago, while I lived in Kamakura. My house then was a few minutes away from an orphanage and as I passed the children everyday on my way to work, I wondered how I could help make a difference in their lives. The next year, after I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, the project became much more concrete as I saw how little ressources homes and orphanages there had to get by. Upon my return to Japan, the project was truly born. I have been working ever since to make this project a reality and it is my desire to reach as many children as possible with this project.

When I began, my intention was to combine my own love of quilting, with the need for children to have a piece of warmth and comfort that would be truly theirs. In midst of doing this project, I began to see that there was such a great potential of people who could help make more quilts for more children. I decided to reach out to the world in the hope we could show children without a family (yet) that they are not forgotten and that we, their greater family, are here to work together to brighten up and add a touch of warmth and love to their lives. I am hoping to do so by gathering volunteers (from experienced quilters to true beginners) and accepting donations of quilts lovingly made by the online quilter community (individuals, as well as quilting bees and sewing circles) that are interested in getting involved.

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Annie Pratte